Approved Manufacturers of Materials

The m-MAP Programme is a branch of the Chem-MAP family which is applicable to manufacturers of leather, textile, synthetic leather and products. m-MAP supports ZDHC goals and objectives and has been designed to provide manufacturers with developing the implementation of responsible chemical management in their supply chains.

m-MAP equips manufacturers with a range of capacity building tools including online training programmes, chemical inventory management, and chemical management audits of manufacturing facilities.


Benefits of Completing the m-MAP Programme

Upon completion of the m-MAP Programme, manufacturers can benefit from:

  • Becoming a Chem-MAP Approved Manufacturer (CAM)
  • Attracting brands and retailers by supporting ZDHC goals and objectives
  • Staff achieving the Level 1/Level 2 Chem-MAP Approved Technician (CAT) award through access to expert chemical management training online
  • A chemical management audit of the manufacturing site(s)


m-MAP Modules

The m-MAP Programme consists of two modules:


Module 1: Chem-MAP Approved Technician (CAT) Award
Individual technicians who handle chemicals at the manufacturing facilities can become Chem-MAP Approved Technicians (CATs) through successful completion of online training modules and assessments including:

  • Introduction to Chem-MAP & chemical management
  • Understanding Safety Data Sheets
  • RSL and MRSL
  • Setting up a Chemical Inventory Log (CIL)
  • Responsible Chemical Procurement
  • Chemical Storage and Waste Management
  • Chemical Handling and Health & Safety


Level 1 Chem-MAP Approved Technician (CAT)

The Level 1 CAT award can be achieved through successful completion of individual modules and examinations listed above.


Level 2 Chem-MAP Approved Technician (CAT)

The Level 2 CAT award can be achieved through successful completion of all modules and examinations listed above.


Module 2: Chemical Management Audit
The Chem-MAP Team will conduct an on-site chemical management audit of the manufacturing facilities, covering:

  • Chemical inputs (evaluating if sourced from a ZDHC approved supplier)
  • The percentage of technicians awarded CAT status
  • Chemical management at facility level
  • Chemical management training followed by an assessment


Chem-MAP Approved Manufacturer (CAM) Award

Upon successful completion of this the m-MAP audit, the manufacturer becomes a Chem-MAP Approved Manufacturer (CAM).


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Start Your Journey to Certified Chemical Management with Chem-MAP

If your company manufactures leather, textile and synthetic raw materials or finished products, your business can engage in Chem-MAP. Engaging with Chem-MAP provides your business with more than just a badge; Chem-MAP shows your customers and suppliers that your company is committed to responsible chemistry which protects consumers, workers and the environment.

Find a programme that works for your company.

Become Chem-MAP Certified

Certified Chemical Companies

Chemical companies can become ZDHC Level 1 or Level 3 approved suppliers by engaging with the c-MAP Programme. ‘Certified Chemical Company’ status is awarded upon the successful completion of chemical management audits, supply chain transparency and MRSL testing modules in the c-MAP Programme.

Suppliers of Chemicals
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Approved Manufacturers of Materials

Join the m-MAP Programme as a supplier of materials or products to become an ‘Approved Manufacturer of Materials’. The m-MAP Programme provides your company with a structured award through the completion of online training modules, chemical inventory management and chemical management audits.

Manufacturers of Materials
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Associate Brands & Retailers

Brands and retailers can show consumers their commitment to responsible chemical management through the b-MAP Programme and achieve ‘Associate Brand and Retailer’ status. b-MAP supports ZDHC objectives through education, guidance, policy advice and supply chain management support.

Brands & Retailers
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MRSL Testing Services

Achieve ZDHC Conformance Level 1 through MRSL testing at Eurofins | BLC’s accredited laboratory to fully validated methods, that incorporate all MRSL listed substances. MRSL testing verifies the chemical composition of formulations to the ZDHC MRSL or customers’ own MRSLs for international chemical compliance.

Testing for Chemical Companies & Manufacturers
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Chem-MAP: Cleaner Chemistry for a Safer World

Watch the Chem-MAP video to see how this new ZDHC approved MRSL verification programme is engaging all organisations in the leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chains to drive the use of responsible chemistry in the manufacture of consumer products.

Chem-MAP is a preventative system that protects businesses, workers, consumers and the environment, and rewards businesses that engage through certification, approved status, training and technical support. Chem-MAP offers three programmes which are specifically designed for chemical companies (c-MAP Programme), manufacturers (m-MAP Programme) and brands and retailers (b-MAP Programme).

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