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Published 21st November 2018

‘Fast fashion’ is a modern-day term used to describe how fashion retailers move design quickly to capture current fashion trends. Historically designers presented new collections during spring and autumn. In an attempt to stay ‘on trend’, some retailers are updating their product ranges with much high frequency, even weekly. Marketing promotions such as limited time offers, ‘whilst stocks last’ and constant sale periods are used to attract customers into a buying new items, without due considerate of the environmental consequences.






The UK alone throws away 300,000 tonnes of clothing every year. However, it’s not only the quantity of end of life waste, but the environmental impacts caused, by water pollution and the use of hazardous chemicals (used in the manufacturing of material), have especially been seen to have an impact on local communities. Whilst currently women are still buying more cloths than men there.






So, what else are brands doing? During the Copenhagen Fashion summit in May 2017 a new initiative to make the fashion industry more circular was proposed, and many brands signed up to this. The aim of this initiative is to reduce the amount of clothes that end up in landfill and encourage fashion brands to think about the end-of-use of their products more carefully. Some brands and retailers are also taking an initiative at verifying chemistry that goes into their products. The responsible management of chemical inputs into consumer products supply chains is becoming, and must continue to be, a key priority for many brands and retailers.





Increasingly more brands and retailers are becoming contributors of ZDHC and other stakeholder programmes. ZDHC is a multi-stakeholder programme that aims to achieve the zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in textiles, leather and synthetics in the footwear and apparel industries. The implementation of sustainable upstream chemistry contributes to the creation of safer, and more environmentally friendly products downstream. Those engaged within ZDHC are collaboratively working towards the ZDHC philosophy and demonstrate their dedication to sustainable chemical compliance and management within their supply chains.


How Chem-MAP can help?

Chem-MAP is ZDHC approved MRSL verification system which is fully aligned with ZDHC objectives and can provide ZDHC conformance up to level 3.

Chem-MAP prevents harmful chemicals from entering the leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chain, protecting workers, consumers and the environment.

Chemical companies, manufacturers of materials and brands and retailers achieve an international recognised award through the appropriate programme form the Chem-MAP family.

Achieving this award signifies the use of responsible chemicals in the production of consumer goods.

If you would like more information on how Chem-MAP works visit here for more information or contact one of the Chem-MAP team at info@chem-map.com or call one of the team at +44(0) 1604 679999


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