Leather Sustainability in Retail Conference – Post Conference Overview

Eurofins | BLC and International Leather Maker held their annual Leather and Sustainability in Retail Conference in Westminster London on 15th November 2018. The event saw a range of delegates spanning the breadth of the leather industry, come together to discuss topical sustainability themes.


Speakers discussed an array of topics and sparked both contentious and thoughtful discussion which centred around: Generation Z and their views on leather sustainability, alternate leather materials including biofabrication and vegan alternatives. A presentation by Chem-MAP addressed the importance of sustainable chemical management in supply chains. Not only upstream to achieve ZDHC compliance but also further downstream at the manufacturer, brand and retailer level.


Brand representatives, which included Hotter Comfort Concept and Marks & Spencer Plc discussed their corporate decisions, approaches and commitments for the implementation of sustainability within their supply chains, and the success this has and continues to achieve for their companies.


A commonality that became prominent throughout the event was the misaligned values of consumers today, particularly in emerging generations. It was discussed that many young people believe sustainability to be a critical factor for now and future generations (for the protection of people, wildlife and the environment).  The contradiction of the ‘fast-fashion’ culture, the need for low price point goods and the readiness to dispose of items, however, challenges these values, and raises the question as to whether consumer culture and sustainability can co-exist in today’s society?


What is clear is that the definition of sustainability is not definitive and ultimately it can be different to each individual. Nevertheless, sustainability is and will continue to be an important aspect of society and business models, whilst we strive for a holistic approach to a sustainable future.


Concerned about Chemical Management?

If you are concerned about chemical management in your supply chain, why not get started with Chem-MAP today.


Chem-MAP is a ZDHC approved MRSL verification and management system which can identify if your products are MRSL and ZDHC Complaint. Chem-MAP prevents harmful chemicals from entering the leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chain.


If you would like more information on how Chem-MAP works or if you would like to contact pone of the Chem-MAP team email info@chem-map.com or call +44 (0) 1604 679999

Chem-MAP: Cleaner Chemistry for a Safer World

Watch the Chem-MAP video to see how this new ZDHC approved MRSL verification programme is engaging all organisations in the leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chains to drive the use of responsible chemistry in the manufacture of consumer products.

Chem-MAP is a preventative system that protects businesses, workers, consumers and the environment, and rewards businesses that engage through certification, approved status, training and technical support. Chem-MAP offers three programmes which are specifically designed for chemical companies (c-MAP Programme), manufacturers (m-MAP Programme) and brands and retailers (b-MAP Programme).

Watch the Chem-MAP Video

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