The Value of a Chemical Inventory Log (CIL)

Published 19th December 2018

Responsible chemical management is a growing area of importance for supply chains. Stakeholder groups such as Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) are highlighting the benefits of effective chemical management and upstream supplier management. In a manufacturing environment, the management of chemicals is key to meeting the requirements of downstream brand and retailer customers. It is important to have processes established on-site to control all aspects of chemical purchase, use, handling and disposal.


A chemical inventory log, or CIL, can be used as a central portal for all chemical information relevant to the use of chemicals on site. Recording relevant information such as the volume of chemicals, the supplier, CAS numbers, known hazards, disposal requirements, storage location, the CIL can provide all the information required for the safe and appropriate use of the chemical on site. An enhanced CIL can also provide information on environmental data relevant to the chemicals such as air emission data and conventional parameters such as chemical oxygen demand (COD) in addition to any certification information such as ZDHC conformance levels.


The systematic identification of all chemicals used within a manufacturing facility allows downstream uses to risk assess chemicals and/or suppliers and helps improve the facilities management of chemical use and disposal. The use and population of a CIL could be assessed during chemical management audits of a manufacturing facility.


Where Chem-MAP can help

The m-MAP Programme is a branch of the Chem-MAP family which is applicable to manufacturers of leather, textile, synthetic leather and products. m-MAP supports ZDHC goals and objectives and has been designed to provide manufacturers with developing the implementation of responsible chemical management in their supply chains.


m-MAP equips manufacturers with a range of capacity building tools including online training programmes, chemical inventory management such as assistance with a product like a CIL and chemical management audits of manufacturing facilities.


During a Chemical Management Audit the Chem-MAP team will conduct an on-site assessment of the manufacturing facilities, in order to provide the manufacturer with the award of a CAM (Chem-MAP Approved Manufacturer).


Find out More about How Chem-MAP works or for further information on how to develop and implement a CIL at your manufacturing site, contact the Chem-MAP team today via email at or call +44(0)1604 679 999.

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