ZDHC Level 3 Conformity

The c-MAP Programme within Chem-MAP enables Chemical Manufacturers to become certified to ZDHC Conformance levels:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3


Chem-MAP is a ZDHC Accepted Certification Standard and was one of the first verification systems to offer Level 3 MRSL conformance, the highest level of ZDHC conformity.


Chemical manufacturers that engage with c-MAP on the route to ZHDC Level 3 conformance are required to undertake three key modules:



Module 1: MRSL Testing of Chemical Formulations

Upon chemical manufacturer engagement to the ZDHC Chemical Module and the Gateway listing of their commercial chemical portfolio, chemical formulators are effectively making a self-declaration that their products are conformant to the ZDHC MRSL (achieving Level 0 conformance).


Within a 2-year period, chemical manufacturers are required to enrol with a ZDHC Accepted Certification Standard to increase their conformance rating.


A requirement of all c-MAP conformance level awards is MRSL testing of chemical formulations. An intelligent product selection is made from the ZHDC Gateway listed sales items and a proportion are selected for testing against the ZDHC MRSL:


  • Complete MRSL Testing of Chemical Formulations– 5%* will undergo testing against all of the chemicals listed on the ZDHC MRSL (over 140 individual chemical tests)


  • Smart Testing’ of Chemical Formulations– 10%* will undergo risk assessed MRSL testing, against chemical groups that present potential risk in specific chemical use categories


*Please note these numbers are subject to change, depending on the minimum number of products uploaded and level of risk assigned. A minimum of 25 chemical formulations will be selected for MRSL testing (10 to FULL MRSL and 15 to RISK ASSESSED MRSL – if fewer we will test all).


Module 2: On-site Chemical Management Audit(s)

On the c-MAP route to Level 3 certification, chemical companies must also undertake an on-site Chemical Management Audit of their primary chemical manufacturing facility (multiple site audits are also available). During the on-site audit the following parameters are reviewed:

  • Management Controls
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Chemical Selection and Assessment
  • Chemical Storage
  • Chemical Use
  • Chemical Disposal
  • Chemical Distribution


Module 3: Supply Chain Transparency

The final aspect reviewed during c-MAP Level 3 certification is supply chain transparency. During this module the verification of suppliers and subcontractor management processes is reviewed by two method


Supply Chain Transparency Evaluation

An on-site review and benchmarking exercise (conducted alongside the Module 2: Chemical Management Audit


MRSL Testing of Raw Materials

Raw materials – the chemicals used in the formulation of commercial formulated chemicals

10% of the raw materials (used in the formulation of the chemical company’s ZDHC Gateway portfolio), will undergo ‘smart testing’, based on a selection of chemical risk groups associated with specific chemical classes


c-MAP provides a tiered approach to support with implementing responsible chemical management, to reduce risk within upstream supply chains and also enables recognition of those who already manage risk within a credible way. Thereby enabling downstream users of chemistry to make responsible upstream choices, in a holistic approach to sustainable chemical management.


How Chem-Map Can Help

Begin your route to responsible chemistry with Chem-MAP. If you would like to achieve Level 3 Chem-MAP Certification through the c-MAP Programme, contact the Chem-MAP team at Eurofins | BLC today.


Chem-MAP is the future of chemical management in leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chains.


Reducing Risk, Increasing Confidence


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Chem-MAP: Cleaner Chemistry for a Safer World

Watch the Chem-MAP video to see how this new ZDHC approved MRSL verification programme is engaging all organisations in the leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chains to drive the use of responsible chemistry in the manufacture of consumer products.

Chem-MAP is a preventative system that protects businesses, workers, consumers and the environment, and rewards businesses that engage through certification, approved status, training and technical support. Chem-MAP offers three programmes which are specifically designed for chemical companies (c-MAP Programme), manufacturers (m-MAP Programme) and brands and retailers (b-MAP Programme).

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