Chem-MAP Case Study: LANXESS Engages with c-MAP Programme

Global chemical company LANXESS has engaged with Chem-MAP on the c-MAP programme to become Chem-MAP Certified and to achieve ZDHC Conformance Level 3.


Why did LANXESS choose to engage with Chem-MAP?

LANXESS chose to be engaged with Chem-MAP via the c-MAP Programme, as it offers an optimized system for a chemical company with a developed sustainability profile like our own. The concept of the three modules on the c-MAP Programme makes the most efficient use of LANXESS’ existing testing regime, chemical know how, product stewardship and supply chain surveillance to demonstrate ZDHC MRSL compliance. Add this to the established position of Eurofins | BLC in the leather supply chain, and for LANXESS, Chem-MAP is the logical choice.
     – Martin Kleban, Director HSEQ, Business Unit Leather, LANXESS.


About the c-MAP Programme

c-MAP is a specially designed programme within the Chem-MAP family, aimed at providing commercial value to chemical manufacturers and their product portfolios. The c-MAP programme consists of three modules:

  1. Testing (compulsory for Levels 1 and 3)
  2. Auditing (optional – compulsory for Level 3 only)
  3. Transparency (optional – compulsory for Level 3 only)


Achieving ZDHC Conformance Level 1 through c-MAP

Completion of c-MAP MRSL Testing Module – To achieve ZDHC Conformance Level 1, the chemical content of LANXESS’ chemical formations will be verified to the ZDHC MRSL through MRSL testing. This enables LANXESS to list ZDHC MRSL compliant chemicals on the ZDHC Gateway, demonstrating the company’s commitment to responsible chemical management.


Achieving ZDHC Conformance Level 3 through c-MAP

Completion of the c-MAP Chemical Management Audit Module & c-MAP Chemical Supply Chain Transparency Module – To achieve ZDHC Conformance Level 3, an assessment of LANXESS’ manufacturing sites will be made through on-site audits with a focus on supplier management and chemical procurement.

In addition, an assessment of transparency will be carried out, focusing on supplier selection and onboarding, supplier auditing, sub-contracted activities, and MRSL testing of raw materials.

Upon successful completion of the c-MAP route LANXESS will become Chem-MAP Certified and achieve ZDHC Level 3 Conformance.


LANXESS: Global partner to the leather industry

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 9.7 billion in 2017 and about 19,200 employees in 25 countries. The company is currently represented at 74 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics.

Chemicals from LANXESS are used in tanneries throughout the world. The portfolio comprises virtually every type of product required for the efficient and sustainable manufacture of high-quality leather and covers all stages of the manufacturing process, from the beamhouse and the wet end right through to the finishing. It includes specialties for the beamhouse operations, inorganic and synthetic tanning materials, preservatives, fatliquoring agents, dyestuffs, pigments and tanning and finishing auxiliaries. We are driven by a consistent focus on innovation and quality leadership. Through the development and introduction of efficient and environment-friendly technologies we support our customers in their endeavours to ensure the sustainability and future viability of the leather industry.

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If your company is involved with the manufacture of leather, textile and synthetic raw materials and finished products, you can become Chem-MAP Certified. Becoming Chem-MAP Certified is more than just a badge; Chem-MAP Certification shows your customers and suppliers that your company is committed to responsible chemistry which protects consumers, workers and the environment.

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Certified Chemical Companies

Become a ZDHC level 1 or level 3 approved chemical supplier through the completion of Chem-MAP audit and testing modules on the c-MAP route. c-MAP supports verification of chemicals for manufacture and production on the ZDHC Gateway.

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Join the Chem-MAP programme as a supplier of materials or products. Become a Chem-MAP Guardian through online training modules, chemical inventory management and chemical management audits on the m-MAP route.

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Brands and retailers can engage with the Chem-MAP programme to support chemical management objectives. The b-MAP route provides education, guidance and policy advice in addition to supply chain management support.

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Test your chemicals for MRSL compliance through MRSL testing. MRSL testing is carried out by Eurofins | BLC’s internationally accredited testing laboratory to a fully validated set of methods available to test for all MRSL listed substances.

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Chem-MAP: Cleaner Chemistry for a Safer World

Watch the Chem-MAP video to see how this new ZDHC approved MRSL verification programme is engaging all organisations in the leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chains to drive the use of responsible chemistry in the manufacture of consumer products.

Chem-MAP is a preventative system that protects businesses, workers, consumers and the environment, and rewards businesses that engage through certification, approved status, training and technical support. Chem-MAP offers three programmes which are specifically designed for chemical companies (c-MAP Programme), manufacturers (m-MAP Programme) and brands and retailers (b-MAP Programme).

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